August 2021

Agrice Business plan

Date: 30-08-2021



Board agreed to at least once a month (at the end of each month) held a Board meeting in order to review business plan challenges and updates about their

Board made a decision to review the responsibilities of each members and
decision has been taken for 1 year as below :

Board agreed the latest business plan version (Capital Requirement : Overall,
Agrice requires $31,750 CAD for its Startup cost. The company requires $16,000
for Product development costs (designing and building the prototype and the
software), $750 for incorporation costs in Canada, $10,000 for office equipment,
and $5000 for the Canadian e-commerce platform. 

The founders will bring in an initial capital of $250,000 to cover the general
expenses, including but not limited to startup costs, salaries, insurance, legal and
contractor fees. Additionally, $30,000 of grants are expected to receive.

The breakdown of Startup costs is provided in the table below.